Traditional Animation

I couldn't bare the thought of leaving school without taking at least one animation class... So I decided to take the traditional animation class, which is considered to be the classic way of dealing with frames. Everything is drawn by hand on a light table, using a special kind of paper (An expensive one). A really simple action could require up to 40 frames to make it look natural and smooth. What shocked me the most is that the procedure of doing the trick is almost the same as the one I did 10 years ago... But I must say I've learned a lot...
This short clip was an exercise of someone drinking something and reacting to it. It was shot on a program called flipbook. It took me about 70 frames to create the whole thing. My brothers helped with creating the sound effects.


Lama said...

Good job Odah!

I like the fact that Korn is played in the background, and I'm a little curious on how the burping sound effect was recorded ;)

sara palacios said...

Hey Odeh!

Really nice work. Looking forward to see all your watecolor pieces done.