An Écorché is a figure drawn, painted or sculpted showing the muscles of the body without skin. I signed up for this class with my friend Mo on Spring 2010. We both were interested in learning more about the human anatomy, knowing how important and essential this would be for our majors. The image with the full figure front and back shows my work. The detail shot shows part of Mo's work with its absolutely nice finishing. I recommend this class to every artist willing to improve his skills.

Skype Magic

It has never been easy to be far away from the people you love the most. "I miss my family" has become my permanent status. Thanks to Skype that made this a bit easier... I talk with whoever is available on the other side almost every week... I also get to see their cheerful faces, and they get to see mine. Topless brothers, balloon face dad, my sister's sweet little babies and much more. But something always bothered me when it's time to say goodbye and hit the hang up button... I can't feel them anymore... They're not around... and their image doesn't leave my head... Even when I'm asleep!