Charcoal Drawing

The girl with a hat is one of my best charcoal drawings. I worked carefully on the details as I was moving from one part to another, and it took me around 20 hrs to finish it. One interesting fact that I'm proud of is that if you took a closer look at it you can barely find any white spot. Maybe just her eye's highlight and a small part of her white shirt. It's a drawing rich with tones, and smudged very neatly which gives it a photograph quality.

Clothed Figures

Those two drawings were my last homework for the Clothed Figure Drawing class. The teacher asked us to draw two figures with two different poses, one with the head towards us and the other with the feet towards us. I asked my sister and brother to take specific shots that reflect what I had in mind, to used them as my direct reference. So I came up with a reclining figure for a girl who drugged herself to death, and a sitting figure for a weirdo!