Omar Portrait

Our Portrait Painting teacher asked us to come up with a good reference to paint a monochromatic painting, at the time when my brother Omar was in San Francisco for a short visit. I took a couple of pictures of him at one of the academy buildings, where they had good lighting lamps. And this oil on board painting was the result! My teacher pointed out a lot of issues that I need to work on in order to get better... And I'm working on that...

Magazine Cover

This was a magazine cover exercise for the Narrative Illustration class. The teacher wanted us to pick a well known character and make a nice setup that suits them, and reflect their nature. As you can see, I picked Marilyn Manson because he has an interesting dark look! Anyway we had the freedom to use any medium we prefer. So I worked with watercolors because I wanted to improve at that. But we had to go through thumbnails and sketches before the final artwork, and that helped me think more about what would be more convincing when depicting a rock star.

Head Drawing

Those are some drawings for a bunch of models that I drew from life in a head drawing class. I was trying to measure stuff as much as I could, and find some relations between different parts of the face in order to be accurate; as I was doing head studies. This class was an experience that I would never forget. I was also introduced to a lot of master artists' works that I learned a lot from.