OS PhotoArt

Influenced by many great photographers, me and my sister Shereen came up with our first conceptual photography tryout under the title OS PhotoArt. We both share the same passion when it comes to art. In this project we wanted to create a series of personalized photos with a story being told in a cinematic approach. Here are a few samples.


Two aspects in particular inspired this project; dreams and memories. I wouldn't say the drawings are about dreams, but rather they're abstractions that are meant to confuse. I wanted to create something that makes the viewer think and probably feel what I had felt and maybe achieve an instant connection.

During the past few years, I have developed bad habits that I'd like to think of as black stains. The use of black ink made the painting part feel more like I'm letting out something that I simply couldn't say in words. I wanted to take things back to where they're supposed to be, so as a person, I wanted to convince myself that it's time for a change.

I intentionally worked on these drawings late at night, because it's the time when I'm usually by myself and I can set up the right mood for it without interruptions. I also listened to all kinds of music that evoked my senses and kept me going. Shadow is one element that I would consider as a link between reality and illusion. I think it created the contrast I wanted to convey and reflect lucidly.

Nine was the perfect title for this project because as I said I wanted to metaphorically squeeze out a poison that filled my body from all nine openings. Yet, each drawing has a relation to its number.

To view all 9 drawings, please click on the link below.

Growing Young

How can I forget where this bird belongs. This watercolor piece is a dedication for my beloved sister Ruba on her birthday. All the best to the best.

Saint Helena

A 12" x 16" oil on board portrait of my dear friend Lama Khayyat. The hair part was a challenge for me and I couldn't just simplify it.. so I decided to take the extra mile!