Anger's Playground

This clip belongs to our latest video collection End of My Own World*. It describes anger from different points of view... I uploaded the first half of the video only, because of a size problem! The whole scene was filmed by us The Creepers*, except for the song which is by Marilyn Manson... Enjoy! (PG-13)

Dumb School

We had a great fun doing all the crazy stunts in Dumb School Experiments* 2005, and this clip comes as an introduction for all the great memories... The song used is "Word Up" for "Korn".


This picture was taken for Stan in our backyard within his last days. I made this guy out of old newspapers and transparent roll-tape. He was sitting straight, always held an empty plastic cup. His body was full of bad news from all over the world. I barely touched him during his life... I wanted to see how natural forces will treat him. He was getting older everyday, just like us! And this is how he ended up... He used to be a good friend for some people. Stan lived a sad life, but he taught us a lot. "Waiting all this time, I've got nothing to hold on, but the faces of my life, I can see before I'm gone".

Eng. Akram Amarin

Above are some sketches for Eng. Akram Amarin (Abu Odeh) from Odeh's New Life* main characters, showing his different reactions, and his head from different angles. But in the actual story -the comic book- it's done less professionally, or simpler because of the huge story-line the series are based on! But anyway you'll notice that lines are much cleaner, and the images are colored which makes it more valuable... Eng. Akram is my great father whom I dedicate all my works for.

The Cemetery

Jonathan Davis from Korn, in The Cemetery*. A mixed media work, pencil illustration and photoshop painting.

Girl in the World

The pale and deadly style of mine! My illustration concepts got more serious. They are not those roughly sketches anymore, it's all based on what my brain wants to show and hide at the same time...
In this drawing appears one of my best friends. Somehow I felt what she always felt and drew this for her, and I added some lyrics from a song we like.

My Five Magic Beans

This poem was written by Shereen A. Amarin my amazing little sister. She always knew that her biggest fear is a future fact. I couldn't but do this illustration as I agreed with her... Well yes we maybe are her five magic beans, but she is our one special bean.

My Adidas

As I was in one of my studio classes, the teacher gave us a 45 minuets break... I had nothing to do but to draw on my Adidas! One of my friends once wrote me an amazing note, that starts with "Odeh... Follow the light-", so I had to write it down as it popped in my mind and linked it to Odeh's New Life* theme. The note ends up with "Live to Ride... Ride to Live!".