Recently Robotic

These watercolor paintings are samples of the visuals that represent an editorial piece written by Shereen Amarin. The article is a self expression -from a personal point of view- concerning the material fast-paced world we're living in nowadays and how its affecting most of us. Besides the verbal voice, my visual exploration shows humans as bulky helpless robots, who lack all sense of control... lost in a world that doesn't care anymore...

Metal Time

Few weeks ago I watched an old video of the band KoRn doing a live performance. The originality of their sound, lyrics and style in that video couldn't be better... Music is their way of expression, it's their only way out... It's Their lives...
The videos above are two sketchy jokes that I did for fun. One of them is a nice drum solo fixed into a video of my Dad; playing around in Guitar Center "Reno". The other one is a KoRn Flakes pack!


An Écorché is a figure drawn, painted or sculpted showing the muscles of the body without skin. I signed up for this class with my friend Mo on Spring 2010. We both were interested in learning more about the human anatomy, knowing how important and essential this would be for our majors. The image with the full figure front and back shows my work. The detail shot shows part of Mo's work with its absolutely nice finishing. I recommend this class to every artist willing to improve his skills.

Skype Magic

It has never been easy to be far away from the people you love the most. "I miss my family" has become my permanent status. Thanks to Skype that made this a bit easier... I talk with whoever is available on the other side almost every week... I also get to see their cheerful faces, and they get to see mine. Topless brothers, balloon face dad, my sister's sweet little babies and much more. But something always bothered me when it's time to say goodbye and hit the hang up button... I can't feel them anymore... They're not around... and their image doesn't leave my head... Even when I'm asleep!

Traditional Animation

I couldn't bare the thought of leaving school without taking at least one animation class... So I decided to take the traditional animation class, which is considered to be the classic way of dealing with frames. Everything is drawn by hand on a light table, using a special kind of paper (An expensive one). A really simple action could require up to 40 frames to make it look natural and smooth. What shocked me the most is that the procedure of doing the trick is almost the same as the one I did 10 years ago... But I must say I've learned a lot...
This short clip was an exercise of someone drinking something and reacting to it. It was shot on a program called flipbook. It took me about 70 frames to create the whole thing. My brothers helped with creating the sound effects.

How They Met

This is one of the works that I submitted for the AAU Annual Spring Show 2010. It was done for the Graphic Novel class that I had in Spring 2010. Originally, it's a 3 page short story, but I'm only showing the first page. As you can see above, this is the process that I went through to get this done; pencil sketch, Inking and then digital painting. I also looked into some old pictures of my parents, as this story was inspired by them...

Amarin Family Tree 2010

I finally managed to work on some modifications concerning the Amarin's Family Tree 2010. I started working on this project a year ago... Ammo Balsam asked me to create a nice and clear tree for the family that has the names of all the males and females in the family. He did a great job contacting some people and getting all the needed information to make it accurate. This image is the finished version that was printed on Easter 2010.

Cardboard Deer Head

I've always found animal head mounts interesting, and I wanted to have one in my future farmhouse. On Christmas break 2009, I was walking around in down town San Francisco. I found an amazing cardboard deer head hung on a wall in a jeans store. I kept looking at it for almost 10 minutes. Well... I memorized the number of all parts, sizes and shapes. I wanted to do one myself so bad! So that night, I got some reference images and drew all the shapes on a digital software and printed them out. The next day I bought a huge cardboard and started working. I had to finish it in 2 nights, because I was leaving to Florida after, and I wanted to take it as a present for my sister there. And this is how it came out... Pretty accurate :p