Omar Portrait

Our Portrait Painting teacher asked us to come up with a good reference to paint a monochromatic painting, at the time when my brother Omar was in San Francisco for a short visit. I took a couple of pictures of him at one of the academy buildings, where they had good lighting lamps. And this oil on board painting was the result! My teacher pointed out a lot of issues that I need to work on in order to get better... And I'm working on that...


Nour G. Bishouty said...

I'm curious to know what he/she said..

Jeremiah Clark said...

Your work is very good Odeh!

Alfredo said...



these is fantastic!! Congratulations!

sure it might have a few issues..but overall it is really good!

with more practice and time.. you will continue to improve and get better!

keep the Great work!
hope you make it to the Spring show of next year and also to the Gallery of the School!




Ahmad Ajlouny said...

Impressive Odeh!
(Glad I found your blog :)

Anonymous said...

WOW i love those very much!!!! your work is so wonderful!!

Suleiman Raie said...

Amazing… Every time I look at this one my brain freeze, can't think of anything I just stare at it! My friend this is talent defeating language I can’t find words to describe it.