Oil Painting

I still remember when I asked my instructor about the way him and other students painted, where they somehow abbreviate the structure and build the painting out of a wide range of colored brush strokes. He then told me that painting is like language, it doesn't matter what language you speak as long as you're speaking it right.
Also it turned out that the style I'm working with is much harder than the one I liked!? And if I can get better in it, then it wouldn't be hard to learn the easier one. Those two portraits are my father and my sister Ruba, a grueling exercise that I needed so bad.


Sam said...

damn odeh! your really good with those oils! good to see that those are coming along.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work Odeh!!! well done dear!! Wafa'

Ruba said...

ya3nee meen halbint il7ilweh :)