Zein Scars

Zein is a beautiful girl whose smile reflects her joyful character. Not that I'm a wizard, but I saw more behind that smile. I then thought that if her insides were meant to reflect her outer figure, then this is how she would look like. I believe in letting imagination enhance my art. Decorated with wreckage and decay, this insect-like figure is flying in the garden of life helpless but hopeful. Pointillism is a technique that I always wanted to examine, and working with this style was a rewarding experience.


Anonymous said...

i love the idea!!! so impressive!!

Zein said...

Odeh! I LOVE the drawing, it is very nice, creative, and impressive.
Thanks a lot for your sweet words:) The BEST description one ever said about my smile:)
And thanks for giving me a part in your AWESOME ART:)
Keep it up Odeh;)