Gargoyle's Graveyard

This was my homework for an illustration class at the AAU*. The instructor asked us to come up with a conceptual line drawing of a street using the one point perspective grid, where all the horizontal lines that are traveling away from the viewer diminish at a single point on the image's horizon.
We completed the drawing by adding shadows being casted by one light source, according to the correct rules of construction. The coloring was an extra work that I decided to do just for fun!


khusrouf said...

great job man, I love it, worth every minute u spent on it :)
keep up the good work dude ;)

Wafa said...

Odeh! I Like! u r such a wonderful talented guy! just keep the great work up and i bet you will be having a great future! u really deserve all the best! cheers :))

June Eunjung Kim said...

You did the coloring just for FUN?!!
Are you kidding!!!!
This is awesome! Especially those texture over there...that's really cool. How did you do it?

wish that bottle is not in the centre though...but still, looks so cool! Did you guys start two point perspective yet?? Want to see that too >.<

Anonymous said...

great work, I love it.